Horizon Media 10′

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The Horizon Media tension fabric, aluminum tubular frame assembles easily using a simple snap & click mechanism. The pillow case stretched wrinkle free fabric cover is enclosed around the frame with a zipper. It is super light weight, compact and available in various sizes, curved or straight. It also comes with the frame addition of shelving, screen and an interactive panel. Included soft carrying case with wheels, or upgrade to a Galaxy, Orion or Horizon counter case. 

  • Hardware: Straight or curved tubular, integrated shelving & monitor frame
  • Printing: Fabric dye sublimation pillow case, single or double sided
For sizing and configurations click the catalogue below:
  • Video
  • Template
  • Accessories

• Support for flat screen TV

• Interactive panel and TV

• LED spotlights with protective case

• Screen bracket (Available for B series)

• Upgrade to a convertible Galaxy or Horizon hard case with graphics

September 29, 2015