Dye-Sublimation: The Choice for Outdoor Promotional Printing

DyeSub2As summer gets into full swing and outdoor events are in the final stages of preparation, take a moment to consider your promotional signage and what’s the best way to make sure they’ll withstand the elements.

Dye-Sublimation is a superior choice to use for high quality graphics on flags, displays, tents, table cloths and other promotional items that you are likely going to use for an outdoor event.

Sublimation printing uses heat-sensitive inks that turn into gas when activated to combine with fabric. It is important that the fabric be 100% pre-shrunk polyester* to allow the inks to fuse and the fabric not to shrink during printing. Fabrics such as cotton and linen will not work for dye-sublimated printing.

Because the inks become a part of the polyester fabric, you avoid any cracking or fading after use and multiple washes. Yes—that’s correct, dye-sublimation printed graphics can be washed at cold temperatures, leaving you with a fresh look at every event.

Dye-sublimation is durable, easy to maintain, light to transport, and simple to store. That’s why it’s our number one recommendation for clients looking for graphics for their outdoor events!

*We use 100% polyester fabrics. Dye sublimation can work with polymer fibers such as nylon and orlon can also work.

June 27, 2017