COVID-19 Plexiglass Safety Barriers

Protect Front Line Staff

Why are so many organizations choosing Plexiglass? With the current situation of COVID-19, it is becoming more imperative for essential businesses like yours to keep their employees and customers feeling safer and to provide them with more confidence that your organization is taking every precaution necessary to help reduce the spread of the virus during this crucial and unprecedented time.

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Discover Why 100+ Businesses are Choosing Lumichrom Barriers to Protect their Front Line Staff


With our cut-to-size clear plexiglass acrylic sheets, you can rest assure that no matter how big, how small or how thick you need them, we offer the right solution to meet any requirement. (See examples below)

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Easy Install

Our Plexiglass sheets use a “peel and stick” solution allowing you to install quickly and easily. No need for additional installation fees simply peel the tape away and install where you need it.


Plexiglass offers better clarity than regular glass and is extremely easy to clean.

Our products are fully disinfected prior to shipping but we do recommend repeating this process prior to bringing the product into your office or store.

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